Massage By Pam - Corporate on-site chair massage
     Established in 2009 Massage By Pam offers a comprehensive on-site wellness solution for muscles, mind, workforce and management.  There are many positive aspects to recieving massage therapy on an ongoing basis, and with the busy lives we lead, we can all benefit from a little stress-management.  An experienced massage therapist can provide exceptional care and will design an effective customized treatment to address your individual needs
     Corporate on-site chair massage has quickly become one of the most popular and requested benefits in the work place today.  The physical and emotional stressors of extended hours sitting hunched at the computer desk and the high stress that comes from taking good care of your customers  have made all forms of work related stress reduction important for your entire organizations.
     Also available for concerts,bridal showers, and local health fairs.
This is your time to relax and escape.
Benefits to receiving massage therapy on a regular basis:
Relieve stress
Encourages Relaxation
Improves Posture
Improves Circulation
Relieves Tension Related Headaches
Mesothelioma patients may greatly benefit from massage.
Not sure what treatment is right for you?  A knowledgeable therapist can assess your needs and help you choose. Also follow us on facebook, massage by pam scott depot wv
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